Vegetarians are welcome

Are you a vegetarian? Maybe you've stopped eating meat for moral or health reasons. You can still dine with us. We offer vegetarian submarine sandwiches and have a dedicated cheese slicer. Plus, at least one of our daily soup options is always vegetarian. You don't have to just snack on chips while your friends chow down. You'll always find vegetarian options at our local sub shop.

Find out more about our range of options now by calling 732-906-1100.

Bottled Drink


Fountain Soda


Soup of the Day


Potato Chips


Sour Pickles


Salad (Potato or Macaroni)


Boiled Ham, Salami and Cheese


Boiled Ham, Capicola and Cheese


Prosciuttini, Capicola and Cheese


Super Sub Combination of (1.2.3)


Roast Beef


Turkey Breast


Turkey Breast oven roasted (Honey/Smoked)


Tuna Fish


Boiled Ham and Cheese


Pepperoni and Cheese


Bologna/Salami and Cheese


Honey Ham and Cheese


Buffalo Chicken




BLT (Bacon, Lettuce Tomato)


Salad Sub


All Cheese


Provolone | American | Swiss | Pepper Jack | 3 Pepper Colby