You don't have to skip breakfast anymore

If your mornings feel more hectic than happy, it's time to take a trip to Subcentral. You can customize a cup of joe at our coffee bar or order a delicious breakfast sandwich. Are you short on time? You can call ahead to order your meal-we'll have it ready when you walk in the door. Plus, you can order for delivery from services like:

When you start your morning with us-it's sure to be a good day. Call 732-906-1100 to order your breakfast ahead of time.

Breakfast Menu

Served Monday- Friday 6:00am-10:00am
Saturday & Sunday 9:00am- 12:00pm


All sandwiches served on a fresh HARD roll with two jumbo eggs

1.Double egg and cheese $3.25
2.Bacon - egg and cheese $4.45
3.Porkroll- egg and cheese $4.45
4.Sausage-egg and cheese $4.45
5.Ham-egg and cheese $4.45
6.Potato- egg and cheese $3.95
7.Western Ham, Peppers, and Onions $4.65
8. Morning Heat - Jalapeno/Pepperjack $4.65
9. The Italian (pepperoni and provolone) $4.65
10. The Hog Pile (Bacon, porkroll, sausage,and cheese) $5.95
All sandwiches served on fresh hard roll with 2 jumbo eggs


Eggs, home fries and toast $6.45
Add your choice of meat- bacon, sausage, porkroll $7.55
Western Ham, Home Fries and toast $7.55
Biscuits and sausage gravy $7.95
The Keto- 4 eggs with bacon, sausage and porkroll $8.45


Buttered roll $1.39
Muffins $2.95
Toast (White/Wheat) $1.35
Side of meat (Bacon, Sausage, Pork Roll ) $2.95
Home fries $1.99/2.99


8oz $1.49
16oz $1.79
22oz $1.99


Water $1.25/$2.65
Vita Coco $3.99
2- Liter $3.99
Orange Juice $2.69
Apple Juice $2.69
Cranberry Juice $2.69
A Shock/ Energy $2.79
Cans $1.29
Bai $2.89
Stewarts $1.95
Nantucket $2.69
NestleQuick $2.19

16oz $2.25
32oz $3.25
64oz $4.65